Letter to the president, clemency for Oscar Lopez

Mr president  Barack Obama: 
Merry Christmas and prospered new year. With 29 days to complete his feat as president of the united states, his legacy has been characterized by one of justice and openness to changes in policy public minority groups.

You undoubtedly have been an outstanding president and his historical legacy have been captured for history.

His defense for the rights and freedoms in the countries of the west and middle east, its attachment by the dialogue and forgiveness to people that has been wrong in the past and they have fulfilled and felt repentance and desire to be useful to society make it necessary to his legacy not culminate without the release of the puerto rican prisoner Oscar López.

Many would say are thousands of citizens and leaders in all sectors have asked their pardon the lol.

That his legacy ends with an action of justicoa to incidira in the world and in the puerto rican. allow that 73-year-old Oscar can at least live alongside their loved ones and that it can demonstrate its social commitment from a fight peaceful and dialogue experiences.

Obama you i ask please and we join the release of Oscar Lopez, i trust his assessment and determination of justice and common sense.



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