​Learn how to manage your life and be happy 

by: Hipólito González Hernández 
Mediator, Puerto Rico

“But you have problems, take care.The only one who has no problem is that this dead “

Happiness is equal to inner peace, equates to healing. It is to see at all times, no matter what happens to me around, innocence or the highest good.

We have to be as children, it is this consciousness of innocence where there is no prejudice because the is always occupied one hundred percent on what makes and enjoys to the fullest if once went it, can return to remember this because that fact of life could never be erased, is there, just that we deliver confident in our heavenly father and will help us , but have to say it freely because we have free will.

We have everything we need at birth to develop ourselves into a miracle. we have a natural state of prosperity and will only have to choose to believe it and so it shall be. we can decide when and where sowing our seeds of confidence.
We can live a life as dependent, victims responding to auto and surviving day by day. or we can choose to live a life of abundance full at every level. 

Achieve the happiness you want requires the courage to make adjustments and changes in your beliefs and therefore in your behavior. already not you can blame others, because the power you have in your thoughts.

Never are helpless victims, we are only volunteers. with only wish it we will not achieve anything. we have to want it deeply to see that if, to achieve changes in our life.

The key to win and be happy this in accept all that that not us like of us or about them others and make us one hundred percent responsible of what have. everything in her life is as easy as you like that is. being happy is part of what you have to decide, happiness is not money, it is to love and be loved, it is give and take, is know forgive.



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