Alarming x-ray of Puerto Rico in an emergency: hurricane, earthquake and terrorism

“Puerto Rico faces a challenge to an atmospheric phenomenon since 1998 (18 years) are not impacted by a hurricane as georges, that makes us more vulnerable, have fewer resources for what is urgent citizens establish our family emergency plans and not wait for the government.”

huracan.mexicoIt hurricane Georges leave the island declared routes of disasters were thousands which suffered the tragedy of losing their homes and spent months in to recover us.

Voucher relevant is that to the occur said hurricane had been prepared by other phenomena as hugo and allowing a response and be had with greater resources both human as economic.

historia-ciclon¿Then consider yourself after almost two decades without facing an atmospheric phenomenon and with the economic narrowness and less human resource situation we would be prepared?

The answer is no and no. we are not prepared nor individual or at the collective level to if there are groups of response well prepared and trained, they are very few citizens have accumulated edible and prepared his backpack.It is alarming that occur a hurricane most of Puerto Ricans do not have a plan family and worst still, would have wondered do if you run out of cell?

Perhaps there is a dependency on cell phones and networks these means we will meet will serve the first hours but can assure you that a hurricane or strong earthquake occur there will be no communication or networks in the best of cases for hours, days or weeks.


Consequently to the loss of the communications systems of ath is could adversely affected and the ATM do have money to purchase food and necessary supplies for a week or even a month?

Faced with this panorama gloomy must prepare care in your community groups, organize and prepare volunteers for neighborhood councils or associations of residents where purchased media of alternate communication and make an inventory of vulnerable citizens by conditions medical and disaster or flood-prone routes.hqdefault-1Not can count only of the government before the crisis of resources human and economic us the citizenship has that by the well and the survival join us for to mitigate them damage and it sequel behind an event of this nature.

“Is projected to the season of hurricanes will be more active and we are daily exposed to an earthquake of great proportions, not do anything no is solution”



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