They raise flag with 51 stars in the new progressive party

“This flag represents not only the route that the PNP expects to follow but a call to the United States government that treats the issue of status and respect the desire of the puerto ricans.”concluded Villafañe.

FB_IMG_1467675532583Party new progressive is time of achieve the equality, explains the secretary general.

San Juan, Puerto Rico (4 of july of 2016)-Today, in the headquarters of the party new progressive, the secretary general of the community, William Villafañe, removed the flag of United States that waved in the asta of said party, e izo a new flag with 51 star, as claim for the government of them United States , respect the will of the people and give step to a process of decolonization in which is to achieve the statehood.

“In 1776, a group of brave decided to say no to the inequality of the colony and strive to achieve their will should be respected.” “today, to the izar a flag with 51 star, not only send a message against the inequality that represents the state free associated, that not is another which it cologne, if not that leave of form clear and forceful what will be the new flag of it nation american, a time is achieved that equality that only us gives it statehood.”

Villafañe added that monthly directory of the new progressive party to be held during the day in the morning, he will be presenting a resolution so that in all the municipal committees of the pnp is ice a flag with 51 stars to carry the message of equality and statehood.

“While David Bernier is hides and not you wants to tell to the people that he and his party support the independence, in the party new progressive, are clear of the route that want to follow for give end of a time and by all to it cologne.”

Statehood is the only status that gives us the political power within the u.s. federal system and guarantees u.s. citizenship. “that flag with 51 star through all Puerto Rico will serve as reminder of the fight that carries our party to achieve that that longs for the great most of them puerto ricans,” explained Villafañe.

The secretary of the pnp let know of course, that the government of the united states has to put the action where it says the word. “today is celebrates the 240 anniversary of the declaration of independence of the nation that is has become in the driving of the democracy modern through the world.” the example begins in the house. it is time the 3.5 million puerto ricans citizens ensure that democratic power that have fought in other places of the world.

“This flag represents not only the route that the pnp aims to follow but a called to the government of United States so treats the issue of the status and respect the wish of them puerto ricans.” concluded Villafañe.



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