Moral Responsibility to Poverty
By: Hipolito Gonzalez Hernandez

” Eliminate the root causes of poverty and despair to give every man his fundamental dignity is sacred duty for all nations and particularly for those government” ( Juan PabloII)

Poverty is a wide range of circumstances associated with the difficulty to access and lack or resources to meet the basic needs that affect deterioration in the level and quality of life people.
There are more than 1,200 million human beings have no potable water, 1,000 million are homeless, 840 million people are malnourished, 800 million people lack acces to basic helath services.
We have a moral responsability to help and not relegate it as if we do not live with it.
Rich nations have a moral liability to those which can not be themselves ensuring the means of their developtment or have been preventd from doing so by tragic historical events.
It is neccesary that the fight against poverty suffered by thousands of men, women, children, elderly challenge our human and Christian conscience.
As a matter of justice we all have to fight with our hearts to establish an international alliance against terrorism where thousand die daily for lack of a grain of rice. The story alliance aganists terrorism where thousand die daily for lack of a grain of rice. The story requires us to take action and pay attention to our brotherhood in charity and humanity.
” Wealth is not one that is manifested by a peper called the dollar, it is reflected in the equitable distribuition of resources so that we alla live without the deprivation of essential resources to live iun a dignified manner”



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